HEART 2 ART - Enriching lives in communities through Expressive Arts

About Us
Our company is based on the belief that each person has a story to tell. In our work, we have found that expression through the arts is a process that has been found to be effective in allowing people to be heard in powerful ways when words are not available or just not enough. 

What we do is we create a safe and interactive space for everyone to engage in this age-old practice, so that they may create from the inside out. Activities are designed for participants of all skill level. Through our guidance, various aspects of music, songs, poetry, visual arts, movement, and drama are mindfully used in creating something meaningful and valuable. It is given that we all have limitations (in terms of skills, available materials, etc). Our main focus is to, expand what's possible within those limitation.
Group process is very instrumental in exploring dynamics within a social setting. Through use of verbal and non-verbal activities, we create a space for each participant to engage with others in the group in an organic way. While transcending their personal boundaries, this also allows them to be sensitive of and explore their interactions with others. The goal is to train them to disengage from habitual ways of relating with their peers, and instead engage in new ways of relating that empower each other. 

In this process of expressing through art and utilizing interactive elements of play, we align with pathways to not only improving the quality of each participants'  life experiences but also to enhancing sense of community. We believe that expressions through art is not only resource well spent, but also necessary in fostering continuous growth and positive transformation.  

That said, we stand by our commitment to enriching lives through this unique program and invite your support in generating this possibility within your community!

Contact us now and explore what we can create together.

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