HEART 2 ART - Enriching lives in communities through Expressive Arts


First of all, I would love to thank you for being flexible on the cost of the program. This certainly helps with my budget. Since the program has started at V!VA back in March, our Community Members really enjoy the program. 6 Community Members attend regularly and enjoy the creativity of the program.  I have asked all 6 Community Members what they like best about the program and they said that Azalea “always comes prepared and she gives us a variety of art projects each week to work on”.
Secondly, I also want to thank you for genuinely caring for our Community Members and they love seeing Azalea week after week. Our Community Members have developed a great rapport with Azalea.  It is a pleasure working with the both of you.
Thank you!”
Teresa, Lifestyles Manager at V!VA Mississauga

"It is usually a boring week, I don't do anything. Night like this is important to me... to share. Not much to share when you're by yourself.
June, artist at Harold and Grace Baker

“We really enjoyed the session, it was fun expressing ourselves with clay and painting. I'm looking forward to the next one!”
Dorothy, participant at Leisureworld

"Azalea has helped our seniors, with various dementias, express themselves through art, music, puppetry, and other venues. It is very rewarding to see them smile, laugh, participate and express. We have been able to build on the insight gained by their artistic expressions to create a variety of activities that are essential to maintaining our seniors’ health and wellness. Thank you, Azalea, keep up the good work."
Narma Mahenthiran, Director of Recreation, The Annex Retirement Residence

"Bough Beeches is so pleased with the way Heart to Art is going for our residents, they love attending every session that Azalea provides as it enhances their social and emotional domains of wellness. Thank you for your wonderful program, as someone that sees the residents daily, we are so happy with the impact of this therapeutic program. Creativity brings out the best in all of us!"
Shanelle Rodgers, Recreation Coordinator at Bough Beeches Place Retirement Living

"I'm just a visitor, but I really enjoyed the program. After my dad had a stroke and dementia, he has not been able to do much other than open his eyes and make a few sounds. But I decided to him anyway for the first time. Everyone put their heart into creating something meaningful together. We were so moved, we just HAD to sing! As long as my dad can hear it and see it when he opens his eyes once in a while, I know he is enjoying it. I plan to bring him to every session from now on."
Lalita, Daughter of Balkaram

'I was just choosing different beads that I liked and suddenly I remember what I used to do! I used to make rings, I made this wedding ring of mine here! I used to make them and sell them to girls in school. I was also a mechanic, I used to like working on cars. I remember my life!"
Lawrence, Participant 
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